Mushroom Mania

A collect-a-thon platformer set in an oversized fantasy mushroom world!

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What is Mushroom Mania?

Mushroom Mania is a shrunken-perspective mushroom-themed adventure collect-a-thon game. Having found yourself shrunk in a magical mushroom world, you must complete challenges to collect magic essence for a mischievous witch. Defeat mushroom monsters, clear puzzles, and explore the giant wilderness to find them all!


Experience a fantasy mushroom world with multi-layered platform levels as a shrunken player


Search for magic essence that are hidden behind puzzle, combat, and platforming challenges


Fight larger-than-life mushroom monsters across different biomes with varying difficulty

How to Play

Mushroom Mania will be one of the launch titles for voxel-based gaming platform The Sandbox under its Game Maker Fund. Create an account now so you will be ready to play when it releases in the metaverse!

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